Current Competition

June-July possum trap photo

Those pesky possums haven't gone yet, so get those traps loaded up with fresh apple and lets take them out.

Once you have your catch then email us a photo and go into the draw to win a restaurant voucher so you can celebrate.

Competition closes Monday 31st July and winners will be notified by email.

Past Competitions

Wasp trap photo competition Jan/Feb/March 2023

Summer is that time of year when these pesky wasps are around, so our wasp traps are an ideal tool to help get rid of them.

Here's a small selection of photos received from members.

Congratulations to our winner:

Beverly Clarke

Photo competition - Nov/Dec 2022

Here's a range of photos taken by members on all things relating to our theme of 'native'.

Congratulations to 

Helen Jenkins for her outstanding series of photos (many featuring here)

June-July 22 photo competition

Our June-July theme was 'traps and feeder's. A great number of entries received so a small  sample presented here.

Congratulations to our two competition winners;

- Luke Austin

- Linda Ringrose

Refer a neighbour March 22

Congratulations to our March 22 winners;

Rachael Goffin     who was referred by     Barbara McKinney

It's great to have neighbours spreading the word.

March 22 quiz

Congratulations to March's quiz winner

Francis Lawes  

Francis was the only one from 5 entries who got all  7 questions right, well done.

Refer a neighbour Dec21

Congratulations to our December winners who each win a bird bath;

Rachel Woods (new member) as referred by  Becky Girvan

December 21 quiz

Congratulations to our December's  quiz winners

Larissa Young       and       Janine Wakley  

who got all  7 questions right

November 2021 bird photo competition

Congratulations to our photo competition winners;

 -  Merja Myllylahti

 -  Francis Lawes

 -  Deane Tetley

 - Meagan Spence

Congratulations to November's quiz competition winners

Maddy Witney

Mark Cleaver

Congratulations to October's quiz competition winners

Margaret Adams

Maree Raffles

October 2021 lockdown rat catch photo competition

Congratulations to our photo competition winners;

- Theresa Andresen 

- Kevin Barker

Congratulations to June-Sept 2021 'Refer a Neighbour' winners

Congratulations Sue and Jackie, your birdbaths are on the way.

Jackie Yandall (new member)

Sue Nash (referring member)

Congratulations to June's Possum catch winner

Congratulations to John Peebles for winning Junes possum catch photo competition.

John had 7 catches in June, a record for a residential property. 

Great work John

Congratulations to April/May 2021 'Refer a Neighbour' winners

Congratulations Christian and Brendon, your bird baths are on their way; 

Brendon Scott (referring member)

Christian Derold (new member)

Congratulations to March's 2021 quiz competition winner

Plant quiz - Gina McDonald

Congratulations to February 2021 competition winners

Possum catch photo - Rachel Cheung

Plant Quiz - Andrew Stacey

Neighbours referral - winners of bird baths

Pair1 - Hanna Scott (referring member) and Rebecca Bharuchi (new member)

Pair 2 - Sharon Batty (referring member) and Jane & Paul Hofman (new members)

In February a total of 7 possums have been reported as being caught - great effort by all, this number is down from 14 in December so hopefully a positive sign ahead.

Keep up the great work trapping them.

Congratulations to December 2020 competition winners

Predator Catch - Ted Gibson

Quiz - Brendon Scott

To date in December a total of 14 possums have been reported as being caught - great effort by all, but this high number shows we still have a way to go to eradicate them from the local area.

Keep up the great work trapping them.

Congratulations to November 2020 competition winners

Bird feeder photo - Diana Austin

Predator Catch - Russell Hardie

Quiz - Sandra van de Water