March competitions

March's possum trap photo

Send us a photo of your installed possum trap to go into the draw to win 1 of 2 $75 cafe vouchers at Cornwall Park Cafe.

Submit your photo attached to an email addressed to

Entries close 5pm Wednesday 31st March.

March quiz

Get all the following questions right and go into the draw to win a home garden consultation package with Jo - Horticultural Manager at Cornwall Park - which includes a range of native trees.

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Trail camera's available on loan basis

Think you have unwanted night-time visitors but unsure ?

Trail cameras work based on motion detection sensors. Set to either capture pictures (as on right) or video's, the cameras can be used to identify what's running around your backyard. Simply remove the memory card and view images in your PC/laptop. 

As our example shows from a resident in Wheturangi Road, a trail camera was setup over New Years capturing activity around their recently installed possum trap. Several nights later a visitor checked out the trap and the end result can be seen.

Rare native tree - Bartlett's Rata

Bartlett's Rata (Metrosideros bartlettii) is a rare specimen forest tree. Reaches maximum of 30 metres but in cultivation it more commonly ranges between 8-10m. Smallish white flowers (the only white-flowered rata species) Oct-Nov. Distinctive whitish, spongy, flaking bark. Attractive dark green foliage with steeply curved crown. Prefers good sun. An endangered species that would be a treasure in any garden or landscape.

Due to its rare status and our limited stock special criteria apply for those residents interested in receiving one of these trees. If interested please contact us and we'll discuss the criteria.

Congratulations to February's competition winners

Possum trap photo - Rachel Cheung

Plant Quiz - Andrew Stacey

Neighbours referral - winners of bird baths

1. Pair1 - Hanna Scott (referring member) and Rebecca Bharuchi (new member)

2. Pair 2 - Sharon Batty (referring member) and Jane&Paul Hofman (new members)

In February a total of 7 possums have been reported as being caught - great effort by all, this number is down from 14 in December so hopefully a positive sign ahead.

Keep up the great work trapping them.

Bird baths

Handmade in Auckland by Sanstone NZ, this sleek modern design bird bath is available in colour options of cream or dark grey. Each birdbath has a unique ceramic insert in its base. 

Height                   920mm

Bowl diameter   500mm

Resource collection 13th February

Another sunny summer day saw a great turnout from existing and new members alike to collect resources. The new wasp traps proved very popular with over 150 handed out to members.

Again a big thanks to our partners who supported us on the day; Jo from Cornwall Park, Mary and Ross from Auckland Council, Jordan from the Tūpuna Maunga Authority and Ben from Envirotools.

WASP Trap (new 2021)

The hanging WASP Trap is designed for backyard use to get rid of wasps.

Using just a sugar/water mix to attract wasps (this mix will not attract bees) it works by trapping then drowning them.

Easy to use and of course environmentally friendly. 100% natural.

Limit 2 units per household. 

Removing unwanted Magpie's

Magpies are both a nuisance and a  threat to public safety and native bird's so as a result we are assisting both Cornwall Park and local residents trap them for removal from the local area.

Maungakiekie Songbird are pleased to assist by providing 2 cages to help with this trapping activity over the months ahead.

Protect - summer edition 2020

The magazine of the New Zealand Biosecurity Institute, summer edition 2020, has a 2 page story on Maungakiekie Songbird.

This magazine is widely distributed across the conservation sector in New Zealand so we are excited to profile our project, that may act as an initiator for other projects to replicate, or at least learn from.


Congratulations to December's competition winners

Predator Catch - Ted Gibson

Quiz - Brendon Scott

To date in December a total of 14 possums have been reported as being caught - great effort by all, but this high number shows we still have a way to go to eradicate them from the local area.

Keep up the great work trapping them.

Congratulations to November's competition winners

Bird feeder photo - Diana Austin

Predator Catch - Russell Hardie

Quiz - Sandra van de Water

The kākāpō is named Bird of the Year!

These critically endangered “moss chickens” used to live throughout Aotearoa, but today they only survive on predator free islands. Thanks to intensive conservation efforts, the kākāpō have come back from the edge of extinction. Their numbers have grown from just 50 birds in the 1990s, to 213 individuals today.

LAUNCH DAY - Saturday 17th October - One Tree Hill Domain

A huge thanks to the near 300 residents who attended, and the support from our partners, to make this a great kickoff for our project. 

Our flyers are out - Wed 7 Oct

After several months of planning it's exciting to see our first flyers being delivered to residents letterboxes today advising them of the launch of MAUNGAKIEKIE SONGBIRD with an invite to attend the launch in One Tree Hill on 17th October.

Onehunga Community News October 2020

A big thanks to Tim and the team at the Onehunga Community News for giving us a profile on p3 of the October 2020 edition of the magazine, distributed to some 16,000 homes and businesses around Epsom, One Tree Hill, Royal Oak and Onehunga. We appreciate your support.